Alianna – A Birth Story – Edmonton Birth Photographer

Alianna – A Birth Story – Edmonton Birth Photographer

There are no words to adequately describe the beauty of Alianna’s birth. It was beautiful, calm, serene and such a touching experience to be a part of.

It was around lunch time on December 2, 2013 when Janelle’s text came in to let me know that early labour had started. I was so excited. This was going to be my first time photographing a birth at our beautiful birth centre and my first time being a part of a birth with a midwife. I could hardly wait. Both of  my babies were delivered by a midwife and both were incredible experiences. I arrived at the Lucina Centre at around 6:30pm and walked in just as Janelle was getting checked. After labouring all day, it was hard to hear that she was only 2cm dilated. Contractions were coming steadily and strong after labouring at home for over 12 hours. There was a really bad snow storm outside, one of the worst blizzards this winter so far, so both John and Janelle knew it was best to stay. John was an incredible support to Janelle, always right there beside her, providing her with the strength and support in the very way she needed it. Janelle & John’s midwife, Barb, arrived shortly after me. Her arrival was exactly what Janelle needed. Barb instantly put her at ease. With Barb there, I decided to make my way home trusting she would know when to call me back when Janelle entered into active labor (5-6cm). I was only a quick 15 minute drive away, so I headed home to rest and feed my baby girl.

To my surprise, just an hour and 45 minutes later, I received a text from Barb and Janelle was in active labour about to head into the tub. I quickly fed my daughter once again and headed out. At 11:22pm, Barb texts..”Janelle is feeling pushy”…Oh my goodness.. Active labour for only 30 minutes! I was then just 3 minutes away so I confident I was going to make it in time! I entered into a beautiful and tranquil birthing space. Janelle was on her hands and knees in the early part of pushing. She was so calm, focused and trusted her body to do what it was meant to do. At 12:04am, December 3, 2013 John and Janelle welcomed Alianna May into their lives and hearts. The best part (and you will see it in the slideshow is when they both discover they were having a baby girl!).

I drove home in the early morning hours on a wonderful birth high. I will probably say this in every blog post that I write about a birth…I truly love what I do. I came home to my husband that morning, who was sound asleep and my first words to him were “I could watch babies being born all day long.”

Thank you to Janelle and John for the humbling experience to be a part of Alianna’s birth and to document this precious time for you. I feel so blessed to have met you both.

Much love,



Alianna’s Birth Story – Edmonton Birth Photographer from Vannessa Brown on Vimeo.

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  • Debra

    this is one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen! … it brought me right back to the birth of my 2 children, who will soon be 18 & 21! the music, the photos, the labour, the love.. all beautiful. what a wonderful keepsake for the family!

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