Colm’s Birth Story – Edmonton Birth Photographer & Cinematographer

Colm’s Birth Story – Edmonton Birth Photographer & Cinematographer

Thank you so much for being here. I am so excited to share my first home birth video with you.

I was so excited when Alanna contacted me (at 6 weeks pregnant) to photograph the birth of her 4th baby at home. This was going to be her last baby so she was excited to have it documented. I could not be more excited to photograph my first home birth…now I just had to wait 7 more months to do it. (That was going to be tough!).

The text came in the early evening of March 12. Alanna said “I think tonights the night..” I was super excited and also quite tired…I had just photographed another birth the whole night before and my husband and I had a little chuckle that I got the “call” again! The life  of a birth photographer is quite awesome, exciting and sometimes tiring! But I love it and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. With this being Alanna’s 4th baby, I was off to her house within the hour. When I arrived at her house the atmosphere was amazing. Both relaxed and buzzing with anticipation. Alanna’s whole family was there. Her mom, dad, her brother and his wife (who was also expecting their first baby) and her two sisters. I loved it, a true BIRTH day party celebration. Shortly after I arrived Alanna’s two midwives also arrived and we headed up to her room where she was planning to birth. We all sat around and chatted while Alanna progressed into active labour. Chatting, laughing and telling stories. It was wonderful. Her two sisters right beside her the whole time. Her sister Kate, who was also Alanna’s doula provided Alanna with the strength & support she needed to help her on her journey. What a bond she shares with her two sisters. It was truly inspiring to witness. These are just some of the reasons why I am so excited that Alanna & Brendan have allowed me to share Colm’s birth story with you. To show you what its like to have a beautiful home birth surrounded by the love and support of family.

Alanna & Brendan’s house was filled with an enormous amount of love that night. Colm was welcomed into their lives shortly after 1:20am on March 13, 2014. His 3 older brothers who sleeping down the hall were so excited to meet him the very next morning. What a gift to wake up to, a new baby brother. And what a blessing to have 4 beautiful boys. Thank you so much Alanna & Brendan for the incredible opportunity to document Colm’s birth. I will never forget that night, never. It was truly remarkable to be present in such a warm, loving environment with your family to watch Colm become a part of your lives. I hope your birth story inspires many others to create the birth they envision for themselves.

Much love and many MANY Thank You’s,


A perfect way to end this blog post is to include a beautiful message that Alanna wrote to Colm.

"Our sweet Colm, 

You chose to make your entrance on a perfect day. You must have known your Auntie
Sarah was popping by for a surprise quick visit (of which she ended up staying with
us into the next day!). Your Auntie Kate was soon by our side to sooth & comfort our
journey together. She was so wonderful for us and brought so much love &
tranquility- I am forever thankful to her. The experience of your birth was so calm
and peaceful- although you were so active, giving me little kicks up until the very
last moment before you entered our world! Your dad was a pillar of strength for us
when I needed him and gave me the strength to bring you into this world. There are
no words that can capture the amount of emotion and endless love felt when I picked
you up, held you and kissed you for the first time. You were so calm, so peaceful,
so much so that had a moment of panic to make sure you were breathing! This video is
my treasure, to forever remember the magic of your birth, because it truly was so
special. Your brothers woke up the next morning to the best gift ever and have
showered you with love every day since. Thank you for choosing us, we are honored
and love you so, our little dove."

Colm’s Birth Story from Vannessa Brown on Vimeo.

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  • Shawna Zylenko

    Oh my gosh — bawling here. This is beautiful and you’ve captured the love, power, and grace of this birth in an amazing way. What a privilege to attend! PS I *love* Beginnings midwives

  • Liz Dearborn

    My dear friend – this was a beautiful gift to your children and to all of us!! Cried tears of joy through the entire film! How blessed you are – to be surrounded by loving women – your sisters – your mom, and your family and children. My heart is full for you. This was love exemplified. Much love to you and family as always!

  • Kailee

    Such a talent to be able to capture this event the way you did! Alanna, thank you so much for letting her share your story with was so touching, I’ll never forget it!

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