So How Does It All Work?

  1. I’m thinking of hiring a birth photographer, what should I do?

Your very first step is to contact me (email, phone, website, Facebook, text etc) and it’s never too early to do so. Even if you’re still on the fence or would simply like more information, I am happy to meet with you and your husband/partner prior to making any decisions. No pressure or obligation to book. I love what I do and I love chatting about birth and meeting expecting couples. It’s very important that we get to know each other and that you feel comfortable with your decision of hiring me as your birth photographer.


  1. Booking your birth photographer.

It is important to call and secure your birth photographer early in your pregnancy, either before or once you enter into your second trimester. I only book a maximum of two full births a month and I usually book up several months in advance. To secure your spot I ask you to fill out a contract and a deposit is required (30% of the birth fee) at the time you sign the contract.


  1. When do I go on call for you?

At the 38-week mark of your pregnancy I go on call for your birth. I ensure that at a moments notice, day or night, I am ready to come to you. I keep my cell phone on me at all times, day and night and make sure childcare is available as soon as I need it. I never head out town once I am on call and I plan all vacations around my birth schedule.


  1. When do you call me?

The first step is to program both my cell and home phone number into your phone as soon as your contract is signed. Plug it into your husbands phone too! It is very important to call or text me during the day as soon as you “think” you are in labour. Any sign at all.  If your first sign of labour is in the middle of the night then wait until first thing in the morning to call/text. Call or text me in the middle of the night if you head to the hospital, are in active labour, have been checked by a doctor or at the onset of labour with your 2nd, 3rd etc child.


  1. When do I join you?

My goal is join you once active labour starts. Usually I stay in touch with you via text and when you reach active labour (5/6 cm or when your contractions have consistently been 3 minutes apart) I join you at your place of birth. It’s best to give me as much detail as you can or relay what the doctor/midwife tells you while we are communicating. If you have had a history of fast labours, I will join you immediately. Every birth is different so I ask that you just give me as much notice and as many updates as possible.


  1. What if you go into labour before 38 weeks?

Definitely still call and let me know that you are in labour. During our pre-consult meeting I will discuss my schedule with you so you are aware of what I am doing before your 38 week mark. Most often I book all my births in the same months so I am probably already on call. If you do go into labour before 38 weeks, I will do my best to still make your birth or call my back up for you if I am out of town but unfortunately I cannot guarantee my availability.


  1. Failure to attend your birth.

There may be circumstances, yours or mine, that do not make my attendance possible. If failure to attend your birth is my circumstance because I am unable to be reached, there will be no charge and I will refund your deposit. If I am unable to attend your birth but am still able to be reached, I will send my backup photographer in which case the contract remains and you pay me, and I will pay the backup photographer.

It may take up to 1.5 hours for me to join you in labour from the time you initially contact me. If my absence is due to the rare fact that you progressed quickly and I arrived at your birth just after the baby was born, then you will only be charged for my “First Hours” birth package and I will start shooting from the moment I walk through the door. If my absence is due to your failure to call me, I will retain your deposit.


  1. Back up birth photographers.

Our birth photography community in Edmonton is a wonderful one and I work with several photographers that I trust. In the event that I cannot make your birth (I am already at another one or due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances) I will call one of my back up birth photographers to come to your birth.


  1. How long do I stay after the baby is born?

I stay as long as it requires making sure all of the important moments are captured. Usually that will all happen in the first 2 to 3 hours after birth. If you plan for visitors to come to meet baby I can certainly stay to photograph that as well, just give them a heads up to come within the first couple of hours after birth. If you deliver in the middle of the night and want to capture either older siblings or grandparents/family members meeting the baby we can certainly arrange for that. I am happy to come back to your place of birth the next morning (for an additional hourly charge).

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