Frequently Asked Questions

What is birth photography?

Birth photography documents the intense and beautiful moments that happen as you bring your child into this world.  The indescribable emotions expressed by the new parents, grandparents, and siblings-emotions you would otherwise miss, and all the details that come together to tell your baby’s unique birth story.  The moment you look down at your baby for the very first time and the tear on your cheek when you first hold this new life; the connection between you and your partner and those first few hours as a new family.

Why should I hire a professional birth photographer?

Some question; why hire a professional when the father or someone else in the room can snap a few photos?  A professional birth photographer will know how to use angles, lighting and timing to capture the beauty in your birth experience.  A birth photographer is professional, discreet and respectful.  A birth room can be crowded, dark and extremely difficult to take photos. Hiring the right photographer will ensure all the important moments are captured and provide you with sharp, clear and properly exposed images.

Why should I order your video package?

My video package is definitely my most popular birth package. Having video enables you to see and hear all the important moments on your baby’s birth. You can see just what Dad looked like and what he said when he first held his baby. Moms almost always miss this moment. You’re often getting stitched up or taking a shower and you have no idea what your husband or partner did at this time. Video has enabled me to create very powerful and emotional birth stories.

What if I am having a scheduled c-section?

It is important to talk it over with your OB ahead of time to see if I am allowed in the OR during delivery. I may need permission from your anaesthesiologist as well.  If I am allowed in then I will be there ahead of time to capture the details of you getting ready and stay with you for a few hours after birth to capture all of those precious first moments.

How can I convince my husband to get on board?

I often hear, “I really want to hire a birth photographer, but I am having a hard time convincing my husband to get on board.” There are many reasons why the Dads end up being the toughest to convince. It could be the investment, they think they can take photos or they don’t want to have a stranger in the room at such an intimate time.  I do my absolute best to remain unnoticed and it is my highest priority to respect the space of the birthing mother. One of the reasons many hire a professional birth photographer is to see the reaction on the father’s face.  As a labouring mom, you are caught up in the moment and his reaction is missed.  It is also a very intense and emotional day for the dads. Chances are he forget to pick up his own camera, especially during the most important moments. A photographer will capture what Dad looks like, how he reacts moments after the birth and what happens the first time he holds his brand new child. As well, he is free from having to take photos; instead he can hold your hand, stay close to you and be part of the birth story. If he still needs convincing I am more than happy to meet with the both of you at anytime.

Do we meet before my due date?

Yes. Always. I suggest we meet around the time you are 35 weeks. We can chat about your birth plan and go over any questions you have for me. And most importantly we get to chat and get to know one another.

Should I tell my doctor/midwife that I am having a birth photographer?

Yes. Let them know they are more than welcome to call me at anytime.

Do you use flash?

Sometimes, when there is very little light I will use my flash. I point my flash up to the ceiling so it is never bothersome to you and your baby. This is something that we will discuss in more detail when we meet before your birth.

What if I don’t want anything “below the waist” photographed?

It is completely up to you what you want and don’t want photographed. I am there to capture whatever you feel comfortable with. I try my best to position myself in the room and use the right angle to make sure everything is captured without anything showing. If you specifically want those “crowing shots” then just say and I am happy to make sure I get those for you.

Do you pose us or give us any direction to get the “best” shot?

Birth photography is very much documentary. I am just there to capture the moments as they unfold. I never pose or direct you in anyway during your birth. The only time that I may is right before I leave I will ask you if there is anything else you would like. At that time we can get together for a quick posed family photo.

How do you handle my images and video after my birth?

This is a very important question. At no time will any of your images or your video be posted publically or shared in any way until you have both seen it and have given me permission to do so. There is always never any pressure to share anything, it is completely up to you and your husband and what you are comfortable with.

What happens if my baby gets transferred to the NICU right after birth?

If baby is rushed to the NICU and I am not permitted to take any photos I will return the next day to do some family hospital photos.

What if there is a loss or an emergency during labour?

I will continue to photograph the events after birth no matter what happens, unless you state otherwise. I will stay out of the way of the medical staff and will respectful in keeping my distance. I haven’t been at a birth where anything tragic has happened, but I would imagine that one day those parents would find the images healing and want to hold on to them as tangible keepsakes of their child.

What is a “First Hours” session?

A “first hours” session takes place just shortly after delivery. It’s for those who want me to capture those precious first few hours but don’t want the labour and delivery covered. We still follow everything as if I was going to photograph your birth and we can talk in more detail during the pre-consultation meeting about how to time everything. I can wait around outside of the room and come in a few minutes after baby is born or you can call me after you have had your baby to come.

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