MEET HUDSON – Edmonton Birth Photographer

MEET HUDSON – Edmonton Birth Photographer

This is Hudson’s story.

Today I feel so blessed to share this with you. And even more blessed to have been invited into the lives of the Ford family for the past several months. I was both excited and scared the day I received Jayme’s message. She contacted me to photograph her upcoming son’s birth after she saw a recommendation from a friend and fellow photographer on Facebook (Thank you Kyla Feschuk). I am so grateful that Jayme found me. Right from her very first message the tears started to swell. Jayme says to me; “Unfortunately, the other day we found out that our baby has a serious heart defect and will need surgery within a few days of birth… Most people would lose sight of the fact of having a birth photographer but this situation makes it that much more prevalent that someone be there to help us document this beautiful moment in our lives.”

I am so happy that they chose me to document this very special time in their lives. Thank you Lucas, Jayme, Jensen & Evan.

Here it is. This is Hudson’s story. It’s his birth into this world, the weeks he spent at the Edmonton Stollery Children’s hospital, his first surgery at 14 days up until he was carried outside the very first time by his mother at 33 days old.

Follow along with me as I share his story today and over the next few weeks.

See Hudson today and continue to follow his story here as well. Hudon’s mother Jayme, is also avery talented photographer herself. (You can also follow her on instagram @thepaperdeerphotography).

Much Love,


Meet Hudson. from Vannessa Brown on Vimeo.

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Showing 16 comments
  • Amanda

    Unbelievably amazing!!!

  • Mae Taylor

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Beautiful! Thank Jayme & Family for sharing! Great job Vannessa, capturing these sweet moments for a wonderful family!

  • Effie L.

    One of the most beautiful videos I have ever had the grace to see.

  • Wendy Boulter

    Thank you for such an amazing video of my nephew and his beautiful family. My heart is warm and my tears are flowing with so much pride and love. I can’t wait to meet my great nephew.

  • Christina

    So touching and beautifully captured, Vannessa! You’re going to have to ask where they got Hudson’s swaddle blanket and hat…I love it! 😉

  • Lindsay

    Speechless… absolutely speechless! What a beautiful, wondrous gift you have so brilliantly given this family!

  • Yolanda

    That was absolutely beautiful.

  • Marlene

    Beautifully captured!! Very touching.

  • charmaine

    This was absolutely amazing!!! What a beautiful video of the beginning of his life!

  • Tara

    Words cannot describe your talent Vannessa, you are doing exactly what you were meant to be. What a beautiful life to capture

  • becky

    absolutely beautiful…just …wow

  • Leslie

    Thank you for sharing! It really is the most amazing video!

  • Patricia

    What a beautful story to share. I’m so grateful for this family to have their little sweet finally home where he belongs. Blessings.

  • Bridget

    A gorgeous video story, I too had tears streaming down my cheeks. My youngest was born premature and spent 14 days in the NICU, I count my blessings everyday.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Tegan

    You are so amazingly talented. I cried throughout the entire video. You are creating amazing gifts for these families that will be cherished forever. Keep on creating!

  • Tasha

    This video was such an inspiration to me when I was expecting our daughter that has same heart defect. To see such a positive portrayal brought me all kinds of hope and I think I watched this every day for a long while. It’s funny watching it again after going through it and coming out successfully and I see it completely differently and notice so much more. I love this video! I’m so happy you were able to document Everly’s journey too and I look at those pictures constantly as well!

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