The Outdoor Birth of Lincoln Birch Ashmead

The Outdoor Birth of Lincoln Birch Ashmead

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I am so excited to share this birth story with you today. This birth was at the top of my bucket list and I am so excited that everything worked out perfectly!

It was just a few months ago, in my office that I was chatting away with the oh so lovely midwife Heidi of Hope Midwives. We were laughing, sharing birth stories, chatting away while looking at editing programs on my computer, when it came to me to ask her “Hey, if you ever have a client that has a birth outside, you MUST call me, I would love to photograph an outdoor birth”. Right then she picks up her phone and looks through her client list for the upcoming summer. She scrolls through some names and says, yup I’ve got one, she will be perfect. She can have her baby at my house. She then goes on to explain her look out, perched high in the trees overlooking a quaint little duck pond. We can have the birth there. Shortly after she approached her client Kati with the idea and she was equally as thrilled.

I was so excited. I crossed my fingers tightly for the next few months as I hoped for one thing, that it didn’t happen in the middle of the night like most births do. It was June, the month with the most sunlight, so our odds were in our favour.

5am, June 5 (my daughter’s birthday) Heidi texts me to tell me Kati was in early labour and they were all set up on the lookout for her birth. IT WAS PERFECT. 5am is the best time to get called…your best chances for a daytime birth.

YES YES YES! It was happening. I raced out of bed, told my husband he was on his own to get ready for Evie’s birthday and jumped in my car. (I love you so much Derek, I could never do this job without you and your continued love, support, understanding and encouragement!).

As for what happened next, I will let the photos do the “talking”.

6lb 3oz Lincoln Birch Ashmead was born outside, at a little past 7:30am as the sun came up behind him.

I gleamed from ear to ear as I drove home, relishing in what I had just witnessed, just in time to welcome my guests over for my daughters 3rd birthday party.


Thank you so much Kati, Heidi, Tara and the Ashmead Family for sharing Lincoln’s birth day with me, for the amazing opportunity to document it and share it with you all today.




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  • Kim

    Oh my gosh! This is gorgeous! I dreamed of an outdoor birth with both my children. So beautiful! Love all of this. Photos are gorgeous as always! Congratulations to the family!

  • jenn

    Gorgeous! Wow. Love these so much!

  • Maggie

    Oooh such beautiful photos capturing an awesome experience in a gorgeous setting. Congratulation. Thank you for sharing. Love n blessings xxx

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