• "I have to admit that I was not very excited when my wife announced to me that she wanted to have a photographer in the room with us when she gave birth to our first child - I went along with it and said nothing because my wife was adamant that she wanted a birth photographer. I'm a very private person by nature and tend to be very self-conscious whenever there are cameras around - I do my best to go unnoticed and just blend into the background. Before the birth of our son I was worried that I would have difficulty just being in the moment and would be to "self-conscious" about the stranger photographing some very intimate moments. I was also worried that the photographer would try to commandeer the room and start asking us do things specifically just so that she could get the "perfect shot" instead of just trying to capture the "actual" experience even if it meant sacrificing photo quality. I had also heard some horror stories about the hospital staff being very negative to having a photographer in the room and I was worried if that happened the negativity would be transferred to us. A previous "sour" experience with a different photographer during a maternity shoot a month previous certainly did not help matters.
    But from the moment Vannessa walked in the room things were the exact opposite. Vannessa is an extremely likeable young lady with a very warm and friendly personality. You could tell that she was excited to be there and really enjoyed what she did. She immediately made it known that this was all about us and not her. Vannessa instantly began chatting with my wife with the ease of two old friends having a cup of coffee. She shared some of her own birth experiences with my wife and I could tell that helped my wife relax. And once the "action" started to pick up she just blended into the background effortlessly - if it wasn't for the odd click of a camera I wouldn't have even noticed her at all. Even the hospital staff seemed to forget she was in the room. It was until I was holding my son for the very first time and I looked up to the camera as Vannessa was shooting and saw the happiness and emotion in her own face that I realized just how much it meant for Vannessa to be able to share and document the most personal and greatest few minutes of the lives of strangers. She truly loves what she does. As a typical "guy" I always thought beforehand that I didn't need a photographer to remember what was going to be the greatest day of my life. I figured the camera in my head would be more than sufficient. I can't tell how you wrong that thought was. Every time I look at the pictures and videos Vannessa took I reminded of moments that time tends to forget or I see things happening around my wife and I that I didn't notice during the birth of our son. Time passes by so quick and memories, no matter how important they are to us, tend to fade just as fast. The moments Vannessa captured remind me how quickly memories fade, and thankfully we have these photos/videos that always take me right back to that day. To be able to share those memories with our own son when he is older will be amazing. I cannot believe that Vannessa was able to capture so much when I barely even noticed her in the room once everything started to happen. Honestly, if I could recommend one financial/emotional investment to another couple looking to document their pregnancy and preserve the memory I would recommend using Vannessa to document the birth. It's something that I would do again in a heartbeat and was worth every penny. Thank you again Vannessa for everything that you were able to give our family."

  • "Vannessa has a passion for birth photography and an incredible talent. When you combine those two things you get absolute magic. She's also so personable and easy to talk to - I was completely comfortable having her at my birth. She spent a lot of time with me figuring which moments were most important to my family and offering suggestions for certain shots we might want. At the birth I hardly knew she was there. She was the perfect observer - there to capture the memories but not to intrude on our special time. The quality of her work is stunning. She gave us so many gorgeous edited images that I could follow the timeline of the day perfectly, and she captured so many little details that I wouldn't have remembered without the photos. The slideshow with video clips is my absolute favorite. I can't watch it without instantly being brought back to that day. She managed to capture the entire essence of the day - the highs and lows, the emotions, the love and support, the beauty and power of birth - in a video that I'm proud to call mine. Trust me, you want Vanessa at your birth!"

    Brock & Kesley
  • "You are so warm and friendly. Accommodating and sweet. You made us feel comfortable right away. I love the way you do photography and how you present the end result. You put so much effort and time into making it an incredible experience. You are very professional and I appreciated your respect for everything that was going on. Also you're very calm which is necessary for your job:) I loved to see your excitement about what you do and when you also love the pictures you take."

    Scott & Leanne

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