DOCUMENTING MOTHERHOOD ~ “I want to show my children when they get older that I am proud of my body…” Raegan – Mother of 4.

DOCUMENTING MOTHERHOOD ~ “I want to show my children when they get older that I am proud of my body…” Raegan – Mother of 4.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to this beautiful mother. You have inspired me beyond words.

I still can’t decide what I loved more about this session: her beauty, her courage, her bravery or the abundance of milk pouring out of her other breast as she fed her almost 3 week old daughter.

The truth is, I loved it all.

I asked Raegan to share a few words, to let you know why she wanted to do this and this is what she had to say.

“When I first got the idea to do this shoot I was thinking about mothers everywhere. I was thinking back to when I had my first child and how much everything had changed. I was not confident about my body and mentally I felt so drained. By the time I got to my fourth child I realized that my body is so amazing, it had carried four babies, it had been cut open four times and it has nursed four babies. I want to show my children when they get older that I am proud of my body because each time I got a stretch mark it was because I was growing a big and healthy baby.
I want to inspire women everywhere to love their child bearing bodies because each child is a miracle and the fact that our bodies can change so much to carry and nourish a child is nothing short of amazing.” Raegan, Mother of 4.



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raegan side by side









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  • Krysta

    Absolutely beautiful ❤️
    I am also a mother of 4 ❤️

  • Kimberly Challis

    Oh my goodness I adore your stretch marks! They are so beautiful! Beautiful beautiful shots! Everyone looks gorgeous!

    • Amy

      Gorgeous pictures!!!

  • Awele Ideal

    Beautiful. God bless. You’ve inspired me today. I have 3kids and I feel uncomfortable about my stretch marks but not anymore. I am a Tiger and my stretchmarks are my stripes.

  • Monique

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful woman’s body – well lived in and living… We are more than the sum of our parts and yet we can also value the parts – these vehicles – which bless us with children and wonder. Breastfeeding both the youngest baby and a sibling is also seeing more of love in its incarnation. Being flesh is messy and breathtaking, awesome and ordinary. This is both the literal truth and blissfully sacred of being a woman!

  • Anne Phillips

    What stands out most to me in these photos are her hands. Her strong and capable hands.

  • Amanda Leigh Busson

    Beautiful! Thank you Reagan…..May your children be uberproud of you!

  • As He Grows Up

    Beautiful. Breastfeeding is, indeed, a mother’s gift not only to herself, but as well to her baby and the earth.

  • Peace hyella

    Wow that was awesome I was scared of giving birth because i love my body but with what I just saw…who cares!!

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